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When do you plan to start operations?

  • New Years Day is our scheduled go live date.


How much will the Ambulance cost me if treated and transported?

  • No Balance Billing… We are set up with an insurance billing company and no out of pocket expense will come to the patient or family.  This does not count insurance deductibles and Co-Pays as these payments are negotiated when the insurance plan is selected. 


How much will you pay Paramedics and EMT’s?


  • It is the goal of GCAA to be the leading Ambulance service in the Tri State Area, competitive pay is a must in the achievement of this goal.  Exact amounts have not been set yet and will be done so in advance of the hiring process. 

When will you start hiring?

  • The hiring process will be underway in November, you can upload your resume now on the website and we will contact you once the process starts.  All applicants are considered confidential and will not be shared outside the Ambulance Authority.


How many trucks will you operate?

  • We have three brand new Type III ambulances that will be placed in-service on opening day. 


I live in the “Tax District” am I getting double taxed for an Ambulance?

  • NO! The tax is for the rest of the County that is not in an Ambulance taxing district. 

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